Orders of service and funeral stationery

A unique and special keepsake

An Order of Service assists the smooth running of the funeral, as well as being a unique and special keepsake for all your family and friends to remember the person who has passed away. Even those unable to attend the service will be able to privately say goodbye.

We will help you construct and produce a booklet for the ceremony.

You can order 20 Orders of Service including 25 photos and up to 16 pages for £85, which can include a hymn, photo, reading or something the person who has died would liked to have been remembered for.

Other products available:

As well as an Order of Service, we also offer:

  • In Memory Pins
  • Books of Condolence
  • Attendance Cards
  • Memorial Cards
  • Bookmarks
  • Printed Canvases
  • Picture Frames

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with our team, they will be happy to guide you through the process and show you the styles that are available.

Ashes, Caskets, Urns and Keepsakes

We have a wide range of urns and caskets for this purpose in a variety of styles and materials such as wood, marble and stone.

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Our pricing

Funeral prices vary depending on the type of ceremony you would like for your loved one. There are many options to choose from to make it unique and special.

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Planning ahead?

It is now really easy to plan ahead, making a huge difference by easing the burden on your family when the time comes, so they can focus on the arrangements.

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