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Unattended / Direct cremation

Unattended Funeral: Direct Cremation from £1175


An Unattended Funeral is ideal for those looking for a simple cremation without a service or ceremony for someone who has recently passed away. The Unattended Funeral takes care of the essential elements of a funeral, including cremation fees, doctor’s fees, care of your loved one and transportation to the crematorium.


Unattended / Direct cremation

Unattended Funeral – What’s Included:

A direct cremation with no mourners present at a crematorium local to the place of rest

Supervised by a qualified chapel attendant. An unattended cremation is ideal for those who do not want to have a service or ceremony prior to the cremation


A simple coffin

Provision of a simple and respectful dark wood effect coffin with linings and fittings



Collection of the deceased and transportation on the day of the cremation in a specialised funeral vehicle

Unattended / Direct cremation
Unattended / Direct cremation

Care of the deceased at our mortuary

Your loved one will be prepared and dressed in a simple gown for cremation by an expert Funeral Director at one of our quality mortuary facilities


Scattering of ashes

The ashes will be scattered in our gardens of remembrance or can be returned to you upon request at additional cost


Additional services

£150 for a service in our private chapel at our Buckley premises & £200 for the minister.

What Is An Unattended Funeral?


A simple, dignified unattended cremation without a service beforehand

An Unattended Funeral also referred to as a direct or unattended cremation, is ideal for those who would prefer a simpler funeral. An Unattended Funeral is different to a traditional funeral as there is no funeral service beforehand and no mourners present at the cremation. It gives you the chance to arrange a dignified and respectful funeral now – allowing you the opportunity to hold a memorial service or celebration of life at a later date so you can commemorate your loved one’s life in a way that suits you and your family.

An Unattended Funeral is arranged with the help of our telephone-based arrangement team who are available 24/7 to ensure arranging your loved one’s funeral is a simple and straightforward process.


Here’s how an Unattended Funeral works:


– Your loved one will be collected from their place of rest a few days prior to the funeral and cared for in our high-quality mortuary facilities

– A representative will contact you to help complete the necessary forms and paperwork to allow the cremation to go-ahead

– They will be taken directly to the crematorium on the day of the cremation in a specialised funeral vehicle.

– An unattended cremation takes place without a procession beforehand and without the attendance of any mourners

– Your loved one’s ashes will be scattered in our gardens of remembrance or can be returned to you upon request at additional cost


Our Unattended Funeral costs from just £1175 and includes doctor’s fees and cremation fees – something not all providers will cover – provision of a simple wood effect coffin, collection from the place of rest a few days prior to cremation and transportation in a specialised funeral vehicle.

Unattended / Direct cremation


We can assist you in every step of the funeral and cremation arrangements so please ask us about any queries you may have.

Unattended / Direct cremation

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